Mini Diggers

Ledbury Plant Hire has a range of mini diggers for hire to suit your needs. Our diggers range from micro diggers to 3 ton excavators. All our machines are serviced and maintained to a very high standard.

JCB 8008 – Micro Digger

JCB 8008 – micro digger

Micro Diggers are ideal diggers for the tight access areas. With a width of only 720mm, fold down roll over bar and tracks that extend to 900mm for more stability and retracted to 700mm allowing our machines to go through doorways and tight alleys. They have almost the same digging power as a Mini Digger and make light work of what would be back breaking manual labour.

  • Using in your back garden.
  • Digging to a depth of 1.7 metres.
  • Great for traveling through restricted head height areas as the roll over frame folds down.
  • Strong enough to make light work of things that would take much longer by hand.

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JCB 8014 – Mini Digger

JCB 8014 – Mini Digger

1.5 Ton Mini Diggers are great for most digging work with high reliability, excellent arm reach and crucial stability. Works in great partnership with our 1-ton high lift 4-wheel drive dumper.

  • Small enough for pavement use.
  • Just 98 cm wide and can get through back gates and fence panels.
  • Digging to a depth of 2.6 metres.
  • Digging gardens, drives and foundations/trenches.
  • Extracting tree stumps and roots.
  • Strong enough to make light work of things that would take much longer by hand.

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Kubota – 3 Ton Digger

Kubota KX61-3

3 Ton diggers are the biggest of the mini digger range. They have the most power and combined with there weight, make short work of even the hardest of ground conditions. Nothing escapes the KX61-3’s reach as it has the longest arm in its class.

  • Just 1.4 metres wide so they can fit on most drive ways and go through fence panels.
  • Digging depth of 2.7 metres.
  • Digging long and deep trenches.
  • Extracting tree stumps and roots.
  • Digging off drives or gardens.

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All our diggers work well in partnership with our dumpers to make your work as easy as possible.

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